Release Notes - PredictionIO - Version 0.5.0 - HTML format


  • [PDIO-196] - Model constructor fail to finish
  • [PDIO-197] - Data not copied from sharded MongoDB cluster to HDFS

New Feature

  • [PDIO-184] - Backup and restore utility
  • [PDIO-185] - Update check and download
  • [PDIO-187] - Populate SystemInfo with version information
  • [PDIO-188] - update API URL path (group actions, change to new field names)
  • [PDIO-190] - change scalding-appdata interface and all algo data preparator to use u2iaction's action string instead of code
  • [PDIO-191] - Migration tool to convert appdata DB to new format


  • [PDIO-193] - Very slow response time while searching TopNItems with "Recommend Unseen Only" option selected.

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