Release Notes - PredictionIO - Version 0.6.5 - HTML format


  • [PDIO-245] - Shouldn't allow creating algo with same name as the one being tuned
  • [PDIO-251] - Change goal value from "buy" to "conversion" in metric data prep

New Feature

  • [PDIO-227] - Dynamic form handling
  • [PDIO-228] - Admin server routes cleanup
  • [PDIO-229] - Admin server API documentation
  • [PDIO-230] - Admin server code refactoring
  • [PDIO-231] - Use JSON as backup and restore data format
  • [PDIO-232] - sbt project structure cleanup
  • [PDIO-233] - Make U2I data splitter and parameter generator independent of engines
  • [PDIO-234] - AlgoInfo and JAR naming and resolution cleanups
  • [PDIO-235] - Dynamic generation of engine and algorithm view files
  • [PDIO-249] - Dynamic metric setting input
  • [PDIO-250] - Dynamic splitter setting input


  • [PDIO-252] - Change default number of rec to 50 to reduce training time

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