Release Notes - PredictionIO - Version 0.6.6 - HTML format


  • [PDIO-253] - ItemSim engine should not have "unseen items only" option
  • [PDIO-257] - For sim eval with # of iteration > 1, next iteration starts too early and delete the trainig/test appdata required by current iteration

New Feature

  • [PDIO-119] - Group sorted IIDs by score by UID
  • [PDIO-120] - One collection per algo-modelset combination
  • [PDIO-254] - Add before and after methods to commons modeldata
  • [PDIO-255] - Add MongoDB sharding configuration
  • [PDIO-258] - Ability to control parallelism in scheduler


  • [PDIO-256] - Add ability to configure Quartz scheduler

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