Release Notes - PredictionIO - Version 0.7.0 - HTML format


  • [PDIO-276] - Empty model data collection caused engine status to show "Running"
  • [PDIO-279] - The item sim evaluation score increases in each iteration
  • [PDIO-282] - Error when update algo param without the tuning param section
  • [PDIO-285] - API allows items without item type to be created
  • [PDIO-288] - The u2i actions' v field is written to mongo as String (should be Int) during hadoop training test set split
  • [PDIO-291] - Scheduler gets stuck if command not found and no error message

New Feature

  • [PDIO-262] - Data Preparator for GraphChi
  • [PDIO-263] - Model Constructor for GraphChi
  • [PDIO-264] - Binary Packaging of GraphChi
  • [PDIO-265] - Cleanup of Local Temporary Files
  • [PDIO-277] - Single machine model constructor for Mahout non-distributed algo
  • [PDIO-278] - Single machine user-to-item actions splitter
  • [PDIO-281] - Integrate mahout non-distributed knnitembased to item rec engine
  • [PDIO-283] - Single Machine MAP@k
  • [PDIO-286] - Integrate Mahout non-distributed item similarity
  • [PDIO-287] - Single Machine ISMAP@k
  • [PDIO-289] - Single Machine Autotuning Support
  • [PDIO-290] - Integrate Graphchi CF algos: ALS, CCD++, SGD, CLiMF.


  • [PDIO-280] - Upgrade Mahout algos to 0.9
  • [PDIO-292] - Improve single machine algo runtime

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